Sintang Police Chief, AKBP Dwi Prasetyo Gathering together Journalists & NGOs

Sintang-Kalbar Several mass media crews in Sintang City jointly held a sowan event as well as carrying out friendship with the Sintang Police Chief, AKBP Dwi Prasetyo. Monday 6 November 2023

This activity was held as a form of approach and strengthening relations between media crew and the police in Sintang City. So far, there has been good cooperation between media crew and the police, but there is no harm in strengthening it through this activity.

In his speech, AKBP Dwi Prasetyo warmly welcomed the arrival of the media crew. He revealed that the existence of the media is very important in creating a conducive atmosphere in society.

Therefore, the police are always open to collaborating and providing the information needed by the public through the media.

Not only that, the Police Chief also explained various programs that had been implemented by the police to maintain security and order in Sintang City until the upcoming 2024 elections.

He hopes that through this activity, the public can better understand the role of the police in maintaining security and order in the area.

Meanwhile, the media crew also expressed their thanks for the cooperation that has existed so far.

They also expressed their hope that this good cooperation can continue and be further improved so that it can provide accurate and useful information for the community.

Apart from that, this activity was also filled with discussions and questions and answers between the media crew and the Police Chief. Various issues and problems currently occurring in society were also discussed in the family discussion on Monday, 6/11/2023 at the Sintang Police Headquarters

The Police Chief said that this friendship activity was aimed at opening ties and establishing good communication between journalists and the National Police, especially at the Sintang Police, and in the future I hope that if there is a misunderstanding regarding the performance of members of our ranks, please remind us and it is hoped that this can be a good start to strengthen relations between Journalists and the police in Sintang City are increasingly solid and complement each other. Hopefully, through good cooperation, both parties can continue to work together in creating a safe and comfortable environment for the people of Sintang so that it is always conducive ahead of the election

(Rusman Haspian)

Editor : mit. 

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